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Cricket Wireless Offers Samsung Galaxy S4

cricket wireless samsung galaxy s4

Annually, Samsung releases a flagship S smartphone. This year it released the all new Samsung Galaxy S4. People are dying to get a glimpse of this phone and eventually own it. Luckily for them, it is offered through a postpaid plan by CRICKET WIRELESS. To know more about the promising features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, read on.

Features Of Cricket Wireless’ Samsung Galaxy S4

Wide Screen.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 1,920 x 1080 5-inch Super Amoled panel which offers a pixel density of 441 ppi. This makes it possible for users to enjoy the phone even with gloves on.

Dual Shot. The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers simultaneous front and rear shooting modes. You can use both cameras all at the same time. Hence, you will be able to capture moments with your loved ones no matter how far in the world you might be.

Sound Shot. With its sound shot, you can listen to your photos. This is because every shot with the Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with what was said or played during the shot. So when you take a look at your shots, it would be easy to remember the memories.

Drama Shot. It also comes with the Drama Shot which captures a series of photos of a moving object and puts them together so that you can see a sequence of moments in just one photo!

S Translator. You no longer have to bring a bilingual dictionary with you anywhere you go as the Samsung Galaxy S4 can translate any text you need to be translated. Hence, this is a phone that is a very handy companion when you are travelling to a non-English speaking country abroad.

All these features and more can be yours through Cricket Wireless.

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