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Cricket Wireless Introduces Data Connection Optimizer

Good news to all Cricket Wireless Android device users. You can now save money while using the internet with the newest application called the Data Connection Optimizer.

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What is Cricket Wireless Data Connection Optimizer?

Data Connection Optimizer is a free application from Cricket Wireless that manages your internet connection. The application determines whether you need to connect to a cellular network or to an available Wi-Fi network based on the quality and speed of a connection. The application can save you so much mobile data allowance and it can offer you the fastest connection speeds available. Once you’ve set-up the application, there would no longer be additional user intervention required. The application will just run on your Android device’s background and will automatically work once you need it.

Benefits of Cricket Wireless Data Connection Optimizer

  • User can enjoy data connection without any deductions from his or her Cricket Wireless data allowance.
  • Often offers higher data speeds than cellular network.
  • Even during peak hours, its user can still enjoy higher data speed experience.
  • Automatically sets the best internet speed connection, whether Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Multi-use capability: you can talk on the phone even while enjoying data coverage at the same time.

What phones are compatible with Data Connection Optimizer?

This application is only available to the current Android smartphones sold since January 2013. This is limited to Android devices only.

How Can I Get The Cricket Wireless Data Connection Optimizer?

Cricket Wireless Data Connection Optimizer is preloaded on the most recent Android devices. But you can also get the application from Google Play store. Just search the application here and download it. Accept the End User Licensing Agreement and set up your user preferences. Once done, you can already enjoy the application. For more information regarding the CRICKET WIRELESS Data Connection Optimizer, click here.

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