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Cricket Lifeline Credit – An Assistance Everyone Would Love

Are you having troubles paying your monthly phone bills? If you are, then you will be amazed by this latest offer from CRICKET WIRELESS called the “Cricket Lifeline Credit”.

So What Is Cricket Lifeline Credit?

Cricket Lifeline Credit is a government assistance program for all qualified Cricket Wireless’ subscribers. As long as you in on of the eligible States below, you can receive a $10 credit on your phone bill each month. This amount of credit will vary according to which State you are in.

The  following are the States covered by this feature:

States covered by the Lifeline Credit

cricket wireless lifeline creditHow Do I Apply?

Just visit and follow the instructions listed there to be qualified to this Cricket Lifeline Credit program.

How Does It Work?

After sending your application, Cricket Wireless will verify if you are qualified or not. If you are, a Cricket Credit Lifeline will be added to your current Cricket Wireless subscription. While most subscribers will receive their credit immediately, you might need to wait within 30-60 days following your application before the lifeline is added to your account. If still you discovered no significant changes after such period, you can then contact Cricket customer support for assistance.

What Is There For You?

With Cricket Lifeline Credit, you will be able to savor every penny you spent on cellular service. Stated simply, this program allows you to enjoy a higher priced cellular plan with additional features while still saving monthly.

What Are The Limitations?

Just like any other feature, Cricket Lifeline Credit does not come without restrictions. This program is strictly for ONE PHONE LINE PER HOUSEHOLD and it is not transferable. It is only awarded to the one who qualifies to the eligibility criteria of the Lifeline. It is also important to take note that you cannot enjoy Lifeline services from other cellular carriers while at the same time enjoying a similar benefit from Cricket Wireless.

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